Injuries that happen in a workplace in Hervey Bay can be devastating to a worker and his family. Saving for retirement or home and the education of the children are ongoing plans that are seriously and instantly compromised when the head of the family is injured in the workplace.

A worker’s protection from financial ruin because of a work-related injury is provided by Worker’s compensation. Other channels of recovery can be explored when an injured worker in Hervey Bay hires the services of a compensation lawyer, Hervey Bay.

Legal grounds claim allows you to file for a car accident claim if an injury was caused by an automobile accident while performing duty related to work or at work and the fault of the other party.

A product liability claim, on the other hand, can also be grounds for filing a worker’s compensation claim if a defective or faulty piece of equipment in the workplace was the cause of the injury. A premises liability claim can also be filed even when a work-related accident happened on a property not owned by your employer.

The importance of seeking help from compensation lawyers when filing a workers’ compensation claim includes:

Offer their services on a contingency basis

Not having to pay for upfront expenses while hiring legal representation is one of the top benefits provided by a compensation lawyer. It is adding insult to injury when the injured worker has to pay extensive fees while trying to recover. The stressful situation an injured worker faces is understood by compensation lawyers, hence the contingency clause. It means that the compensation of the lawyer is only received with the favourable amount worked by him/her with the insurance adjuster during the settlement process.

Your legal rights are protected

There are legal rights you might not be aware of if you deal alone with the adjuster when filing your work injury claim. A legitimate claim may not be considered by the adjuster. It is only with the help of a compensation lawyer that prevents the unfair settlement from an insurance company.

Assess for Third Party Liability

A civil lawsuit can be filed if it’s proven that the negligence of another person such as an employer or co-worker caused the injury. The civil case lawsuit can be an addition to the workers’ compensation claim if proven the injury was caused by third-party negligence.

Know the worth of your claim

Knowing the worth of your workers’ comp claim can be difficult. The best person that can determine the true worth of your claim is a trusted compensation lawyer. The compensation that is rightfully entitled to you is ensured with the expert knowledge and recommendations of a compensation lawyer. His/her expertise and knowledge ensure that you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Get the compensation you deserve

Your average weekly pay is one of the important things considered in a worker’s compensation claim. The amount of compensation while not being able to work is determined by your weekly pay average. Losing a substantial amount of money happens when the average weekly pay is undervalued by the insurance company. The best way to get the compensation you rightfully deserve is to let a reliable compensation lawyer handle the claim.