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How We Challenge DUI Charges

When you face a DUI charge, it is important to have a Woodridge DUI Attorney who understands both the consequences for your future and how to challenge the charges in court. At The Law Offices of Peter Buh, he will fight to preserve your future and your freedom.

Former Prosecutor Who Knows How to Fight DUI Charges

Peter Buh is a former prosecutor who understands how the police work when developing a DUI charge. We know where to look to identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case. In short, we make the prosecution work hard to prove its case, rather than offering an immediate guilty plea on behalf of our client.

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Although the facts of each case are different, DUI Attorney Peter Buh has found that certain defense strategies are often successful:

  • We make sure that the police had reason for the drunk driving stop. We may employ investigators to identify road and weather conditions that may have affected our client's driving.
  • We make sure that the arrest was justified and that the officer had legitimate reasons to administer field sobriety tests or portable breath tests.
  • We make sure that the blood draw was properly performed at the police station, that the blood was labeled and stored according to established protocols and that the results of the blood analysis were correctly interpreted.
  • We look at the sequence of events. For example, if a driver was involved in an accident near his or her home, called the police and went inside the house to get a beer while waiting for the police, he or she would probably register a blood alcohol level that could lead to an arrest and charge.

We make sure that issues such as these are brought forward when defending a client against a DUI charge.

Contact our office today to learn how DuPage County DUI Attorney Peter Buh challenges DUI charges in court. We accept major credit cards.

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