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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Sycamore, Illinois, contact Attorney Peter Buh. 

Peter has over 19 years of experience as a lawyer in the criminal justice system have prepared him to be an outstanding advocate and counselor to you in your case.

Peter has been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. In fact, Peter has the distinction of having earned the titles of "DUI Prosecutor of the Year" and was former "Chief of Felony".  He has handled literally thousands of felony matters ranging from the most serious violent crimes to class 4 cases and misdemeanor Illinois DUI cases. For over eight years, Peter was an instructor for the National White Collar Crime Center.

Peter puts his experience and reputation to work for every client who places their trust, and their case, in his hands. His practice primarily focuses on DUI in DeKalb and the surrounding Counties.

Peter understands that when you are charged with a Illinois DUI offense, you not only face a serious legal battle with serious criminal consequences, but also a difficult emotional time because of the real personal impact and stress a DUI arrest can cause. Peter strives to ensure that you receive excellent representation in court and in plea negotiations, and also to make sure that you understand and feel comfortable with what is going on in your case.

Peter sees his job in every DeKalb County DUI case as involving two different functions. As an advocate, he stands up for you in court and fights the government on your behanf. As a counselor he walks you through every aspect of your case. He strives to treat you like a friend or member of the family, and always takes into account both the legal and personal aspects of your case when working with you to formulate the best defense strategy for you.

Peter has the experience and the legal skills to take any DeKalb County, Illinois DUI case up to and through trial, and he does so with great passion and dedication when doing so is in your best interests. He understands that the most important thing in your case is getting you the best possible result. To that end, he employs a dual strategy of plea bargaining and litigation. If a good plea bargain is in your best interest, he will give you all the information needed to make the best decision. On the other hand, if trial can get you a better result, he will tirelessly advocate for you and comprehensively cover every angle in litigation to get you where you want to be.  Peter Buh is your DeKalb County DUI Attorney and your Sycamore DUI Attorney.

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