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Experienced Sandwich DUI Attorney


Aggressive Defense Against DUI Violations.


Being charged with a DUI violation can be a very confusing experience. While many people believe that DUI/drunk driving may not have a lasting impact.  Unfortunately, in Illinois, the penalties stemming from these charges can be quite damaging. When facing a DUI citation, the assistance of an experienced DUI Lawyer can be vital in helping you minimize the lasting damage caused by a DUI conviction.


At the Law Offices of Peter Buh, we strive to limit the harm done to your driving privileges, your record, your wallet and even your freedom from a DUI Charge. If you have been charged with a DUI in the Sandwich, Illinois do not wait to get an attorney involved in protecting your rights. There are several key steps we can take within the first seven (10) days following your arrest that can potentially limit the penalties stemming from your charges. Contact the Law Offices of Peter Buh at 630-925-7188 to discuss your specific concerns today.


Experienced Attention to Your Specific Charges


The Law Offices of Peter Buh will help you defend against these charges:

·         DUI or .08 BAC or above

·         Repeat DUI offenses

·         Driving on a suspension due to point suspension

·         Under suspension due to alcohol violations

·         Habitual traffic offenders

·         Reckless driving

Peter Buh has over 19 years experience in the criminal justice field.  He is your Sandwich DUI Attorney and your local DeKalb County DUI Attorney.

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