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 We represent clients in Illinois regarding DUI Defenses.  Call us at 630-925-7188 for a free consultation. 
Illinois DUI Attorney

you have been recently arrested for a DUI Illinois, we have DUI lawyer offices throughout
Illinois to assist you.  We are the Premier Illinois DUI Law Firm.  The Police Officer will confiscate your driverís license and give you a statutory summary suspension notice that will serve as your driverís license.  On that form you will see that your driving privileges will be suspended on the 46th day from your arrest date.   You must file a Petition to Rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension in an attempt to prevent your license from being suspended.  Our attorneys are quite successful at representing our clients and eliminating the driver license suspension.  You may be eligible for a BAIID so you can drive during the suspension period. Our Illinois DUI Defense Firm would be happy to assist you to ensure your ability to drive. Please call us immediately at (630)-925-7188.

DUI Arrest     

     When you are arrested for a DUI you may ask yourself, "Why me? I only had a few drinks." You may experience emotions ranging from embarrassment and fright to frustration and anger.  You probably have been in trouble with the police and never arrested before.   You may have received a ticket or two but usually not a misdemeanor crime. It is important to realize that this offense does not require any specific intent to commit the crime.  If you are driving a vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) that is over the current limit (0.08) and you are arrested then you may be guilty, or you may not be guilty.  The police routinely arrest individuals whose BAC is under 0.08.  The police officerís decision to arrest is dependent on your performance on the field sobriety tests ("FST's") and the driving.  A Police Officer can arrest you for simply being under the influence of alcohol without any reference to the blood alcohol level at all. The consequences of a DUI conviction are severe in
Illinois. The conviction is on your record. And a conviction for a DUI requires the State to revoke

     However, you may not be guilty of the DUI charges!
These charges are based upon the Police Officerís subjective guess as to whether you are "drunk.   There are numerous defenses to challenge the DUI arrest and all the FSTs the officer may have administered at the scene.  There are legal challenges that may be available against the breath results.

DUI Defenses

     However, there is a considerable amount of research that an Illinois DUI Attorney can do to defend a DUI case in court and in a driver license suspension hearing. If someone takes a breath test, the machine maintenance and calibration records as well as the officer's radio logs should be requested to see if the machine is working properly and whether the officer spent the required 20 minutes of observation time prior to the breath test. If someone takes a blood test, then their attorney should request to have the sample sent to an independent lab for testing for preservative and to confirm the blood alcohol level.  If it has only been a short time since the last drink was, then some of the recently consumed alcohol may still be in the stomach and not yet even been digested or absorbed in to your system. However, when a blood sample is taken an hour or so after driving that alcohol reading is actually higher than it really was at the time of driving. This is called a "Rising Blood Alcohol Defense" and is very persuasive in low blood alcohol level cases. There may be many more defenses that may apply to upir case.

Free Consultation

At the Law Offices of Peter Buh, we are ready and able to defend against your DUI charge.  We offer Free Consultations and have reasonable rates.  We have enjoyed much success defending DUI cases throughout the State of Illinois.  Contact us at 630-925-7188.  We are your Illinois DUI Attorney.

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