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Geneva Drunk Driving Attorney Protects Your Rights in All Illinois DUI Cases

When you are arrested for DUI, a wide variety of emotions will overwhelm you: embarrassment, anxiety, fear, powerlessness. You are understandably concerned that a DUI conviction could result in a revocation of your driver's license and possible jail time.

You need a champion of your rights and driving privileges on your side, an attorney who can give you sound legal advice and hope for the future, through the power of DUI Law.

My name is Peter Buh.  For more than 19 years as an attorney, and as a DUI defense attorney, I have helped individuals charged with a DUI. I work hard to restore your driving privileges, so you can travel to your job and continue to support your family.

I aggressively protect your rights against DUI charges and when your driving privileges are in danger of suspension. I am a former prosecutor who believes in the law and in you. My reputation for results is well-known throughout the greater Kane County area.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you may only have 45 days to defend yourself by requesting a hearing to challenge the suspension of your driving privileges. Let me defend you. Contact my law office today at this phone number: 630-925-7188.

DUI Defense Attorney Peter Buh is Here for You From Traffic Stop to Trial

I personally handle every aspect of your DUI defense including:

  • Investigation of your traffic stop
  • First court date for arraignment
  • Second court date for pre-trial conference
  • Trial management conference
  • Trial and sentencing

Too many things can go wrong with a DUI arrest in Illinois. The basis for a police officer's probable cause to arrest you can be improper. A pre-existing medical condition could work against you in your field sobriety tests. Breath or blood testing equipment can malfunction. You may have been coerced into making an incriminating statement.

Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, if you have questions about DUI law in general or my DUI defense practice in particular, contact me for a free consultation.   I am your Geneva DUI Attorney and your Kane County DUI Attorney.

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