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Significant criminal cases

I believe every person charged with any criminal offense needs experienced representation.   I treat every client with the dedication and compassion to achieve the best possible result.

I have been involved in very serious criminal charges including the following:

Significant White Collar Fraud Cases

60 Million Dollar Fraud Case

Multi-Million dollar grain elevator fraud

4 million Dollar Securities Fraud Case

Elected Official charged with Student Loan Fraud

School Principal charged with Theft

High School students charged with Computer Fraud

Elected Official charged with Charitable Fraud

Employee charged with Computer Fraud and Theft

Person charged with running a criminal operation forging Michael Jordon's signature

Assistant State's Attorney charged with theft

Teacher charged with Forgery

School Board member charged with Theft

Insurance agent charged with theft

Body Shop owner charged with insurance fraud


Significant Alcohol Related Criminal Cases

Reckless Homicide involving Alcohol

Judge charged with DUI

Police Officer Charged with DUI

Reckless Homicide involving excessive speed

Leaving the scene of an accident involving death

Aggravated DUI involving the death of a passenger

Aggravated DUI involving great bodily harm to a passenger in a different vehicle


Significant Felony Charges

Police Officer charged with Official Misconduct

Sheriff charged with Election Fraud

Numerous individuals charged with narcotics offenses

Sheriff charged with perjury

Police Officer charged with Domestic Battery

Detective of Sheriff's Department charged with Domestic Battery

Owner of company charged with Domestic Battery

Judge suspected of Official Misconduct

Boy Scout leader charged with criminal offenses

Gang member charged with murder

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