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If arrested for a DUI in Coles County Illinois, contact DUI Attorney Peter Buh.  It is crucial that you recognize the penalties of DUI charges particularly when you are in Illinois.  Illinois has much stricter DUI laws in comparison to other states.  Although it is essential to know the consequences of a DUI, few people actually realize the harsh realities of a DUI conviction until it is too late. 


DUI is defined by Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, drugs and similar other intoxications. It is a frequent problem among many countries and most have adopted severe laws against them.  DUI laws attempt to penalize the arrested drivers and teach them a lesson concerning drinking and driving. Your past driving and DUI history is considered in you punishment.  If you have received numerous convictions for a DUI in Illinois, the penalties become very harsh.

No arrest warrant is needed for the police to take you into custody.  Probable cause is enough to arrest you for a DUI.  If suspected that you are driving under influence, even if your Breathalyzer test shows otherwise, the Police have the ability to take you into custody. Due to this fact, it is always crucial to have contact with a knowledgeable Illinois DUI Lawyer at once. Though you can choose to have any attorney represent you, hiring an attorney with significant experience in DUI Laws is wise.

Experienced DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney Peter Buh is able contest the Breathalyzer analysis to prove the impairment of the machine.  When arrested, you must know your rights and how you should act, and then you must contact an experienced DUI attorney. According to DUI Attorney Peter Buh, it is always sensible to stay calm throughout the process.  You must know the fact that officers are looking to prove that you are intoxicated. You must behave and speak out carefully not to worsen your situation. When evidence is against you, only an experienced Illinois DUI attorney can help.  They work with the judges and prosecutors to try and reduce your consequences of the DUI arrest. It is wise to seek an experienced DUI attorney to face the odds particularly when things appear grave.  Contact your Coles County DUI Attorney and DUI Attorney Peter Buh for further information.  

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