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Are you facing the loss of your driver's license, in Batavia, Illinois due to DUI or underage drinking?  You may face an uncertain future because of a DUI charge. The charge against you is a hard cold fact.  You need a rock solid, experienced defense attorney to work hard for the best possible outcome for you and your family.

At the DUI Law Offices Peter Buh, we have earned a reputation throughout Kane County for providing the knowledgeable, aggressive, and experienced representation you need when you are facing the tough challenge of losing your driver's license or being convicted of a DUI.  Our goal is to help you get the best possible outcome for your case, and we focus on helping you keep your private or commercial driver's license.

Illinois DUI Defense:

·         Full investigation into traffic stop and charge

·         Motions to dismiss or reduce DUI charges

·         Driver's license suspension defense

·         Traffic violation defense

·         Driving under suspended license

·         Underage drinking defense

·         Refusal to take a chemical test

·         Underage drinking record expunge after reaching age twenty-one

·         Commercial driver's license (CDL) suspension defense

·         Homicide or assault by motor vehicle defense

Contact the Kane County, Illinois, DUI Defense Law Offices of Peter Buh for a free consultation about how we can help protect your freedom and future.  Attorney Peter Buh provides twenty years of DUI experience. He knows how the prosecution will prepare its DUI case against you.

We have twenty years of experience in the criminal justice field. Without experienced, skillful legal defense at your side, your rights could be ignored by the police and prosecutors. We know how far the prosecution will go to get a conviction. Now we put that experience to work for your defense.   If you have been charged with DUI in Batavia, Illinois, don't take your rights for granted. Your driver's license and your future are at stake. Contact the Batavia DUI Attorney Peter Buh for a free consultation about protecting yourself today.  He is your Kane County DUI Attorney.
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