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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Addison, Illinois, Do Not Plead Guilty to Drunk Driving Hire an Experienced Addison DUI Lawyer to Save Your License and Fight Your Drunk Driving Charge


An arrest and conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) will have a serious impact on your life. The conviction for a DUI can result in lengthy license revocation. You may be required to use a breath alcohol ignition device in order to drive. If your job depends on maintaining a clean driving record or a commercial driver's license, you may find yourself unemployed and unable to support yourself and your family. Subsequent DUI arrests may result in persistent drunk driving charges.


For these and many other reasons, it is vitally important to fight a DUI in Addison or other DuPage County cities or villages.  Call the Law Offices of Peter Buh at 630-925-7188 for a free consultation regarding DUI defense.  Not All DUI Defense Attorneys Are the Same.  DUI Attorney Peter Buh is highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding DUI Law.

He will offer sound legal guidance and aggressive representation at reasonable rates. He knows the Illinois DUI statutes inside and out.  Peter Buh is prepared to protect your best interests in DUI defense matters pertaining to:

·         The validity of roadside sobriety tests

·         Challenging the breathalyzer test

·         DUI

Peter Buh is a DUI trial lawyer.  In some cases, a DUI charge can be resolved quickly through negotiations with the prosecutor.   Having the experience and the reputation is invaluable for negotiating with a prosecutor.  However, if the State will not negotiate or plea bargain, He will aggressively protect your rights.  Peter Buh is your DuPage County DUI Attorney.


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